Celebrating Excellence in Chemistry: Recent Prestigious Awards and Recognitions (2023)

The Department of Chemistry has recently been adorned with a collection of prestigious awards, marking exceptional achievements by its students and faculty members. These accolades stand as a testament to the unwavering commitment and profound dedication within the academic circles, further propelling the department's reputation to soaring heights.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Leidy Hooker's Triumph

Among the remarkable triumphs, Leidy Hooker, a distinguished chemistry graduate student, has been named a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. This esteemed fellowship, a testament to Hooker's exceptional prowess, grants a three-year annual stipend and a cost of education allowance, affirming her remarkable dedication to the field. Hooker's research endeavors, spearheaded within the Bandar Group, revolve around pioneering new base-promoted chemical transformations under sustainable conditions, with the potential to revolutionize large-scale chemical synthesis.

Carlos Olivo: Recognized as the "Outreach Volunteer of the Year" by the American Chemical Society

Carlos Olivo, an academic success coordinator and assistant teaching professor, emerges as a beacon of dedication, securing the distinguished title of "Outreach Volunteer of the Year" by the American Chemical Society. Olivo's relentless commitment to chemistry education and outreach has been acknowledged on a national scale, recognizing his outstanding efforts in organizing the Regional Rocky Mountain Meeting, a commendable feat particularly amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Garret Miyake's Triumph with the Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award

Acknowledging his pioneering contributions to polymer science, Associate Professor Garret Miyake has been honored with the prestigious 2021 Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award. His research endeavors with the Miyake Group, focusing on harnessing light energy for chemical manufacturing akin to photosynthesis, stand poised to reshape the landscape of chemical synthesis, offering a sustainable and transformative approach.

Andrea Westlie's Recognition as a National Finalist for the ACS-DSM Bright Science Award

Chemistry graduate student Andrea Westlie emerges as one of the four national finalists for the 2021 ACS-DSM Bright Science Award. Her profound dedication to sustainable polymers and innovative research in the Chen Group positions her as a frontrunner in the field, heralding a new era of advancements in polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs).

CSU Energy Institute Sponsored Summer Internship: Fostering Future Innovators

The Colorado State University Energy Institute's commitment to nurturing talent shines through its sponsorship of the 2021 Summer Internship, empowering students like Cameron Chrisman and Rafael Almaraz. Their research pursuits, focused on utilizing light for novel chemical reactions and the growth of nanoscale semiconductor materials, mark a pivotal step towards sustainable energy solutions.

VPR Graduate Fellows: Empowering Visionaries in Chemistry

Jewels (Michelle) Fallon, Mariel Price, and Christopher Rom, distinguished chemistry graduate students, join the prestigious VPR Graduate Fellows Program. Their innovative research endeavors, spanning solid materials, sustainable plastics, and the synthesis of new semiconductor materials, illuminate the department's commitment to fostering excellence and innovation.

This array of accolades stands as a testament to the Department of Chemistry's unwavering commitment to academic excellence and groundbreaking research. These remarkable achievements not only spotlight the individual brilliance of the students and faculty but also underscore the department's dedication to shaping a brighter, more innovative future in the realm of chemistry.

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